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Friday, March 06, 2015

Choose Your Friends and Associates Wisely 

Taken from myspiritcare.com

Fact is, there are people you just should not be around! Period! Every person has their own level of tolerance and their own soul mission with regard to other people. Some of you have spiritual connections that need to be worked out with people who are challenging to be around. But remember this: never, ever are you expected by the Divine to take on other people’s energies!! Learn “self” from “other” and keep your own space sacred and inviolate. This is your spiritual duty to yourself. 

Toxic relationships happen. The people you should minimize or eliminate contact with will give you certain feelings and experiences. Stay away from people who: 

  1. Make you feel drained, exhausted, or give you unpleasant physical symptoms like aches, palpitations, chills, upset stomach, etc.
  2. Talk incessantly about themselves, their problems, gossip about others or dwell on negative or morbid subjects. 
  3. Demean you in any way whatsoever.
  4. Try to control you or boss you excessively.
  5. Engage in any form of deceit.
  6. Rage on about other people, their bad relationships, using hate terms and ugly or profane language.
  7. Try to pry information out of you or otherwise invade your privacy without your consent or request.