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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy's Aftermath

We made it thru unscathed, however there is a lot of damage in our town and the towns surrounding us.

Click on photo to view in full-size.


stevebethere said...

It's been on our news here in the UK awful

Glad you are safe :-)

Kay L. Davies said...

Wow, Antonette, I'm glad you're safe. Those downed trees do not look like fun. Very scary just to see the photos.
Again, I'm glad you made it through.

jMo said...

Holu ****! Glad you are here to post.

mail4rosey said...

I've seen the aftermath of many a hurricane...it's never pretty, but it feels so good to just get out of the house and look around, doesn't it?? Glad you're all safe and sound.

Valerie said...

Thankful to learn you and yours are unscathed following Hurrican Sandy's "visit". Praying for those who have been impacted. Blessings