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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Here's the latest for New Jersey

Here’s the latest:

The current track brings Sandy in as a Category 1 hurricane just south of Rehoboth, DE – that puts our region in the worst case scenario for coastal flooding and storm surge. Meanwhile the track has also sped up by roughly 8 hours. The window for the worst impact looks to be Monday through the day with landfall Monday night.

But truly, given the storm’s huge windfield, the exact spot of landfall doesn’t make much difference.

A quick synopsis of expected effects:

- Conditions start deteriorating Sunday with rain and wind picking up
- Monday packs the worst impact
- Winds peaking at or exceeding 74 mph for a prolonged period of time, especially at the coast
- Torrential rainfall on the order of 4-8″, locally 10″+ accumulation
- Sandy’s slow movement worsens the impact for tidal/coastal flooding and major river flooding

You still have the rest of today and at least the first part of Sunday to get ready before conditions really start to go downhill. Our team strongly urges that you get ready NOW. There is a high likelihood for prolonged power outages, property damage and flooding.