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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy 4th Of July!

Remember to keep your pets safe!

  • Keep your dogs confined inside your house in a cool, comfortable, and secure room.
  • Do not tie your pets out in the backyard, and definitely do not bring them to fireworks displays and large parties - they could get spooked by the loud noises and bolt.
  • Try leaving the television or radio on to provide some background noise. This could muffle some of the startling bangs and booms from the celebrations outside.
  • Make sure that your pet’s license, identification tags, and microchip information are up-to-date in the event that he or she manages to escape. Also, have a current photo of your dog on hand, which could come in handy if you have to make a “lost dog” flyer.
  • If you know that, even when he or she is secure inside, your dog is extremely frightened by loud noises, consult your veterinarian about medications that can help relax your pup. And if all else fails, stay home from the parties.


TexWisGirl said...

a very good point.

Create WIth Joy said...

Thanks for sharing these fabulous tips and raising pet awareness on this most important of days! Have a wonderful 4th as you continue to

Create With Joy

New Jersey Memories said...

I love your photos and your blog is wonderful!

Have a wonderful Fourth of July!