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Friday, July 27, 2012


Beat on Chick-fil-a all you want. At least they do not pander to the press and remain true to what they believe. Personally I could care less who marries who. There are far more pressing issues in my little world than what marriage should be. They were asked and they responded honestly. Everyone has an opinion, and all opinions stem from something you are taught. This is what I believe about Chick-fil-a:

1. They are one of the most stable companies on the planet.
2. They set the standard in many categories in food service.
3. They have ALWAYS exceeded expectations with quality and service.
4. I have never witnessed anything disrespectful from a Chick-fil-a staff member.
5. They are a privately held company.... They can hire whoever they wish.
6. No one has ever made my sandwich with their belt around their thighs.
7. Many food service companies follow standards set by Chick-fil-a.
8. Their annual revenues exceed most fast food chains in 6 day weeks.
9. Their menu is simple, and they are experts with it. They do not have a 99 cent menu.... because they do not need one.
10. Whether or not you agree with the principles of the CEO, you must agree that something along the way worked and continues to work for them.

Open a chicken sandwich shop next to a Chick-fil-a, and give it a go. You might as well throw your money in to a salad shooter...

Why this became a national debate is beyond my comprehension....