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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Poem

By: Unknown

Ah! The bounty that spring brings forth,
With flowers and colors bright and vivid,
An artist’s palette couldn’t be more brilliantly hued
Than spring’s, with its tints - alive and livid.

The vibrant shades of this vivacious season
Pulsating with warmth, light and life
Each individual, mixing into the other
Some quite easily; others with riotous strife.

The array of gifts that spring on the senses bequests
With uncommon efficiency and to artistic perfection
It is a flair that none other can possess -
A sweet, tingling, sensual seduction.

Thou art laden with saccharine beauty,
Syrupy fragrances thick in the air,
The world is flooded with thy riot of splendor,
Exquisite, as Thou art, oh Spring so fair!