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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autumn Leaf

Autumn Leaf brownIf I were a leaf on a majestic tall tree,
And I had the choice, of which I could be,
I’d be a maple to turn orange yellow gold
When the cool autumn winds turned warm nights cold.

Autumn Leaf greenI’d want to be high as high could be,
So all of the world would be open to me.
I’d sway with the wind, spring, summer and fall
Up in the maple so big and so tall.

Autumn Leaf brownThen one moonlit night in October’s cold air,
A beautiful frost would come paint me with care.
All leaves would turn color, as God would have done
To give the world beauty for short days to come.

Autumn Leaf greenThen if I could choose on which day I would fall
I pick late October when winds came to call.
I’d choose Sunday morning so bright and sunny,
As sun through the leaves flowed golden as honey.

Autumn Leaf brownI’d pick the sweet moment, when the wind was just right
To let go of my limb and float nice and light
Drifting ever so calmly from the place of my birth,
Then gently lie down to my rest here on earth.

by Sharon P. Pinnick