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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Six – Episode 340

Patrick asks:

1. If you had to choose between being married to someone you no longer loved with no chance for divorce or separation, or being single forever, which would you choose?  That's a tough question. If I chose the married answer, infidelity would probably play a part in that. And if I chose single forever, that would mean I would be lonely at home unless we moved in together. Either way you are screwed. I guess I would choose married, because at least I would be ok financially.

2. If you had to give up either the use of your arms or legs, which would you choose and why? Legs, you need your arms for so many things. I don't think I'd be able to deal with not having arms.

3. Which annoys you more: poor grammar or poor spelling? Spelling!!!!

4. Which would you enjoy more in an arcade: a video game or a pinball machine? Video games don't do anything for me. I've always loved pinball machines.

5. You have the chance to spend time with a close friend: would you prefer to spend time one-on-one over a homemade meal or in a nice, quiet restaurant? Restaurant. This way neither one of us has to do anything but enjoy each others company.

6. For one month, you can only communicate with those around you electronically: would you choose email or texting, and why?  I am not a fan of texting at all. E-mail is my choice.


Candy said...

I really enjoyed your Saturday 6 questions!
You have a lovely blog here as well!

Antonette said...

Thank you so very much!