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Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday Seven – Episode 233

Want to participate? Go to Patrick's Place here.

Name seven annoying things people do for which they’d deserve a punch in the face.

1. Do not discipline their children.
My husband and I are trying to have a quiet dinner and all we hear is this pain in the ass little kid having a temper tantrum. If you can't quiet the child in the restaurant, then get your ass up and take the child out of the restaurant until he/she behaves. Is that so difficult?

2. Cursing
Ok, I'm not a saint by no means, however I am polite and respectful to others. For Pete's sake some of these kids say the most offensive words and don't care who is listening to them. If you can't respect others, just keep your pie hole shut.

3. Animal Abuse
Listen you stupid people, it isn't cute to take your dog to public places when it's 100 degrees outside. Don't you idiots understand that a dog can't sweat? Don't you understand that while you are wearing shoes protecting your little tootsies from burning, dogs can burn the pads on their paws. And for all the love that is Holy, give the dog some water! Oh I could go on and on, but I won't.

4. Not using your turn signals
What am I a mind reader? Use your turn signals!!! You people need your heads examined.

5. Talking on cell phones WHILE driving.
In New Jersey, talking on the cell phone while driving is against the law. It seems that nobody is taking this law seriously, including the cops themselves. Well, let me clue you in on something, I recently lost a relative because some girl was talking on her cell and not paying attention. Her jeep collided with Carl's motorcycle. He was dead before they could load him up in the helicopter.

6. Lack of patriotism
when watching the recent winter Olympics, I was totally wowed by the patriotism the Canadians had for their country. When their anthem was played, they sang it loudly and proudly. When our anthem was played, you could hardly hear anyone sing it, including the athlete(s). In my opinion, this nation of ours deserves a lot more patriotism and respect from its citizens. Show respect for our national anthem, and be proud to be an American. Is that asking too much?

7. Pull your pants up!
I do not wish to see your pants down around your butt. I couldn't care less about your Calvin Klein underwear or whatever brand your underwear is. It's not attractive and I can't stand seeing it. And this goes for you too ladies! Pull your pants up. I do not want to see your thong. Ewww.