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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Six – Episode 309

1. Do you have towels, toilet lid covers, carpet and a shower curtain that all match, or are your colors more random?

My Answer: I don't use toilet seat covers, but everything else goes together.

2. What flavor of toothpaste do you use most often? How long have you used this flavor?

My Answer: Mint. That's the only flavor I like.

3. Do you roll up the toothpaste tube or just squeeze from the middle? What percentage of toothpaste is left in the tube you’re using right now?

My Answer: I do my best to roll it up. I have 80% left.

4. Checking in the medicine cabinet, under the sink, and in the closet, which single bathroom product do you have the biggest supply of?

My Answer: Toilet paper (I didn't want to mention the "other" thing).

5. Take the quiz: What Bathroom Product Are You?

My Answer (which I think isn't correct):

You Are Conditioner

You are naturally nurturing and calming. You smooth things over.

You can have a neutralizing effect. You can deal with chaos well.

You are encouraging and supportive. You have a gentle touch.

You are generous and bighearted. You have a lot to give.

6. How many different kinds of shampoo do you have open in your bathroom now? Do you usually stick with one at a time, or do you vary from several different types day to day?

My Answer: I have a couple different types because I tend to change my shampoo every once in a while.