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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Saturday Six At Patrick's Place

1. What is the most extreme weather you’ve experienced where you live in the past week?
Snow and lots of it.

2. What’s the worst kind of storm you’ve experienced in person?
The Blizzard of 96

3. Where are you more likely to get your weather forecast: on TV, on the radio, in the newspaper, or online?

4. Do you have access to 24-hour channels like The Weather Channel or WeatherPlus? If so, how often do you watch them?
Yes, we watch the weather channel often.

5. Take the quiz: What Kind of Storm Are You?

You Are a Blizzard

You are both dangerous but beautiful. People both welcome you and fear you.

You can cause a lot of trouble and even destruction. Some would argue that you're worth it though!

You tend to overtake people and change everything. You aren't subtle, but you are sometimes hard to see through.

There is a quiet and stillness that you sometimes bring. Some find you to be quite peaceful.

6. What’s your favorite kind of food to eat when you’re home on a chilly, rainy day?
I don't have any favorites, but I think soup is the first thing that comes to mind.