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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's Your Autumn Sense?

Your Autumn Sense is Sight

You are a keen appreciator of beauty, and you believe there is no more beautiful season than the fall.

Like everyone else, you love the sight of changing leaves. However, unlike everyone else, you notice every color, shape, and pattern.

You love people watching in the fall. Whether you're checking out fall fashions or Halloween costumes, you like to see people dressing for the season.

Whether you're in the city or the country, this time of year gives you plenty to look at.


Anne said...

I love fall! I think it is the prettiest time of year. I just love being outside on a perfect fall day. It's such a short season that I want to enjoy it.It is also sort of bittersweet, because it comes right before what may be a cold winter. All the more reason to enjoy the fall while you can.