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Wednesday, October 07, 2009


I had three more butterflies added to my calf and the one on my shoulder re-done.  My husband has no clue about this, so let's keep it hush-hush!


Patrick said...

How does your husband not know about this? Or does he not know yet?

Anonymous said...

WOW.. Thats alot of tat's going up your leg....

I dont know I am just not much of a tatoo person, Lol I hate needles so plus I dont want my body inked up something that I will regret later on :S

Take Care,


Antonette said...

He doesn't know Patrick. I don't think he will unless I put my leg right in front of him. Remember I had four existing butterflies, so I don't think 3 more really makes a huge difference.

Antonette said...

Christopher, that's why I waiting a very long time to get my first tattoo. And every tattoo since then has been something I've thought about for a while.

Adam Lee said...

Yeah I had the same comment as Patrick

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh....inspiring!!! I really like the grouping on the leg. that's awesome.