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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

British Cat Is Regular Bus Commuter

Photo: SWNS.com

by Kirsten Taylor

Everyone can appreciate the conveniences of public transportation -- even a cat.

Susan Finden wasn't sure where her free-spirited kitty would disappear to every day until the local bus drivers in Plymouth, England revealed to her that Casper has been a regular on the No. 3 bus for the last four years! You read that right. Each morning, the Sun reports, Casper lines up with the paying passengers to await the 10:55 morning service. He takes a seat in the back and enjoys the 11-mile, round-trip route before hopping off to return home. The drivers watch out for the wandering feline and make sure he gets off at the right stop.

A spokesman for the bus company says they're happy to let the 12-year-old cat ride for free. After all, he said, "In cat years he's an OAP [Old Age Pensioner] so he'd get a free bus pass anyway."


shirl said...

OMG this is the best story!!! I love the picture too. thanks for sharing