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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The "G" Word

G as in Gynecologist! Ack! I hate going but I have no choice in the matter.

Before I explain things, guys may want to skip reading this post. It's a "girl thing" if you get my meaning.

Tomorrow I go to the Gynecologist to go over with him what to do about my large Fibroid Tumors in my uterus. There are several options, but only two of the options are more of a guarantee the tumors won't come back. The one option is a hysterectomy, the other is to make me go into menopause early. Menopause causes the Fibroid Tumors to shrink.

The other options are less evasive, but offer no guarantee. So, if you could send some good decision vibes my way, I'd appreciate it.


UPDATE: We went for a less evasive option which will help with certain issues I am having. I think that we made a good decision and if the tumors seem to grow in size rapidly, then we'll look into other options.