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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My World Tuesday

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It's time to get things going in the farming community. All I see lately are tractors getting the fields ready for planting. Now if we could get rid of the rain and cool temps. all would be wonderful.

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Arija said...

Alll things to their proper season. In April showers are to be expected and low temps as well. Blieve me, the warm weather will come soon enough.

Syaa_Fiqq said...

Ready for farming, good news! Nice picture..

MArites said...

Farmers are also getting really busy here with their activities:)

My world entry is up too.

soulbrush said...

none of these in london! tee hee.

Gloria said...

sending you my good vibes so the weather cooperates! I love farm fresh veggies and fruits!

Erin said...

totally in agreement...i am tired of the dry cold air we've been having here. i want to get into the my herb garden and clean and plant :)
have a wonderful weekend.