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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My World Tuesday

It snowed the other day, unfortunately it was only a dusting. This was taken at a farm where Gunner and I take frequent walks.

Click on photo for larger view

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Sylvia K said...

I bet Gunner enjoys those walks! It does look cold even with just a dusting! Lovely photo! Thanks for sharing!

chrome3d said...

Gunner has a lot of space for walks. it should be so happy.

Larry Jordan said...

Hey Antonette,

Is Gunner a Chessy? Nice capture.

When I read your About Me page, it sounds a lot like me. I'm a bit older but, Gemini, and all the characteristics you mention, until you get to the Nascar part.

Substitute golf for Nascar and voila, that's me!

Nice to meet you!

antigoni said...

Great post!