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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My World Tuesday

Click on photo for larger view
A semi-frozen pond. A result of bitterly cold temps lately here in New Jersey. However, it will not be a white Christmas for us because temps are warming up and any precipitation will fall in the form of rain. I wanted a white Christmas...pfft!!!!!

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fishing guy said...

Antonette: The same thing is happening in Ohio but we already have a snow covering.

Sylvia K said...

Antonette: We have the snow -- too much of it this time in a city not adept at handling it, no mail delivery for two days, no garbage collection, shut down airports. But when you don't focus on those things, it has been beautiful! Have a wonderful holiday!

Baruch said...

No white Christmas? Bummer!! Darn global warming ....

The Good Life in Virginia said...

looks about like it is here in virginia...we have had cold temps and gusty winds but no snow yet.
happy holidays.