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Saturday, November 01, 2008

What Tattoo Should You Get?

The funny thing about the answer to this quiz is that I DO have a butterfly tattoo. A matter of fact I have one on my shoulder and four butterflies on my left calf.

You Should Get A Butterfly Tattoo

Sweet and sassy

For you, tattoos are a thing of beauty - not toughness


Sylvia K said...

I think some of them are really neat! but at my age, believe me it's the last thing you think about. But forty years ago, yep, I probably would have had a butterfly, too. Always enjoy your posts -- in spite of the age difference! Have a lovely "rest of the weekend", Antonette!

BeeDancer said...

and the funny thing is that i'm another jerseygirl and i have a butterfly tattoo...i got it in chicago back in 1972...it was a bit daring at the time, so it's on my butt...these days i kind of wish it was a little more visible