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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hollywood right here in our neck of the woods

I don't believe it, but it's true. Hollywood is filming a movie right down the street from where we live. They have the entire highway shut down so they can film whatever movie they are doing.

I don't know the details because everything is hush-hush, but I do know one of the Fonda's are here. I am thinking it's probably Peter Fonda, but I could be wrong.

They started filming around noon and won't be done until 1 AM.

I think it's pretty neat, especially that the film makers picked here to do it. Who knew that Hollywood knew that we existed.

Add-on: Aha! I found out exactly what is going on, read below.

Burlington County Times

NORTH HANOVER — The township's rural landscape will set the backdrop for scenes in a movie starting Peter Fonda and Jason Ritter, which should hit theaters next year.

County Route 680, also known as McGuire Air Force Base Access Road, will be closed to traffic for long intervals tomorrow, Thursday and Monday while crews film scenes for “The Perfect Age of Rock 'n' Roll.”

“We think it's wonderful. We welcome the boost it will give to the local businesses,” Mayor Michael Moscatiello said. “It will reflect some of the most positive attributes of our town, especially our farmland. That's one of North Hanover's greatest beauties, the open space, and what better way to capture that than in a movie.”

The film is about a musician named Spyder, played by Kevin Zegers, who returns home to Long Island after his second album flops. He reunites with an old friend in hopes of resurrecting his career. The story revolves around a cross-country trip in an Airstream recreational vehicle.

The movie is written and directed by Scott Rosenbaum. Spike Lee is the film's executive producer.

Location Manager Louis Zuppardi said he was looking for a road that could be set in the Midwest when he stumbled across McGuire AFB Access Road.

“I did a lot of driving around to find what we were looking for and I think it's Route 680,” he said. “This movie takes place all over the country even though we're filming it in New Jersey.”

In addition to the New Jersey shoot, a few days were spent shooting in New York and the crew will head to Los Angeles before wrapping up the project, Zuppardi said.

Zuppardi said about 80 people, mostly crew members, would be on location for the filming.

Zegers, Peter Fonda, Jason Ritter and Taryn Manning will be starring in the scenes, featuring the Air-stream RV, shot in the township.

Zuppardi said county and local officials have welcomed the project and helped arrange the road closure. Zuppardi said the project has generated a lot of excitement in the area.

“I can't wait for us to be there,” he said.

The county Highway Department will post message boards advising motorists of the road closure and will also arrange detours.

A 2-mile stretch of the road will be closed from County Route 545 to County Route 616.

“This is a genuine gesture of good will on everyone's part,” Freeholder Director Aubrey Fenton said.

“We're pleased that Burlington County's farm country provides the country road backdrop that the producers are looking for.”