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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oh Crap!

Calculator: Smoking
Work out what cigarettes are costing you!

You have smoked:
Per week: 70 cigarettes for a total cost of 22.72
Per month: 300 cigarettes for a total cost of 97.35
Per year: 3,650 cigarettes for a total cost of 1,184.43

In total:
You have smoked about 73,000 cigarettes at a cost of around 23,688.50, and that means you have spent about 6,083 hours smoking.

Do you smoke? Go here to the smoking calculator. If you quit, you can also do the calculator to see how much you saved!

I know what the non-smokers are thinking, but please don't say it. Smoking is the only thing keeping me sane these days. I have been working on quitting and have made leaps and bounds, but I'm not ready to give up my Parliament Ultra Lights just yet.


Gayle said...

I smoked 19 years and loved every minute of it. It's been four years now since I quit, and it is surprisingly no big deal. Sure wish I could have all that money back that I spent of it though. (There are many, many things bad for us in this world...and while smoking is one of them so is being insane...if it keeps you sane then so be it. You'll quit when you're ready).

Dental Marketing said...

I need to send this to my daughter's dad. He can't pay child support but he can smoke well over a pack a day.

Mo said...

Glad I quit years ago - can't imagine how much I would have spent if I hadn't.