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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

JLand Photo Shoot #136 - Two

Our subject for this photo shoot is: Two

Want to join in on the fun? Go to Krissy's journal here.

Here is mine (you can view photo in full size by clicking on it):

Two dolls (Raggedy Ann and Andy) and a cat.



Anonymous said...

I just love it! Looks like two to me, Antonette! I love Ragedy Ann and Andy. I had a handmade Ragedy Ann when I was a child. All my brothers and sisters did. This photo brings back memories! There is nothing cooler than two Ragedy's and a cat!

Krissy :)

Antonette said...

Actually Krissy, those dolls were handmade by my Nana a long time ago. Nana passed away years ago at 93. She died of natural causes. She was a wonderful woman.

betty said...

my mom used to make raggedy ann and andy dolls too!!

great pictures!

Anonymous said...

I had a raggedy Ann and Andy doll also and just loved them. Great shot.


Frances said...

Ohmigosh flash back to about a billion years ago - how I loved my Raggedy Ann and Andy book.
Remember the candy hearts.