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Monday, March 03, 2008

JLand Photo Shoot #129 - Sights of My Town

Want to join in on the fun? Go to Krissy's journal here.

Here are mine (you can view photo in full size by clicking on it):

Thank goodness there is still open land and farms around here. If it weren't for farm preservation the entire county would be nothing but houses. It's nothing like it used to be when I was younger, but at least there are places where you can ride your horses, walk your dogs unleashed and breath in fresh air.

Of course there is McGuire AFB and Fort Dix very close by which isn't a big deal, however the town closest to our house has a lot to be desired. It's a old military town that needs some serious cleaning up which includes some of the residents. No, it isn't scary or full of crime, it's just not your cute well groomed town you see in country magazines. Ya know?!



Anonymous said...

great pictures!

Krissy said...

Beautiful pics and beautiful farmland. It must be nice to live amongst land like that! Places to ride horses? Wow! Well, it is suburban, rural and industrial here! We have strange zoning, LOL. I see some farms but no horse riding. Do you ride horses?

Krissy :)

Antonette said...

Hey Krissy! I used to ride horses professionally for years. I haven't owned a horse since I was in my early 20's (I'm 36 now). I sure do miss them. All of them have passed away and are in horse heaven! :)

betty said...

great pictures; I like the wide open spaces :)

Jama Hameed said...

It's beautiful! must be nice staying in a big country with farms and big open spaces, I'm from a small country with limited land space, even the few farms we have here are so small.


Valerie said...

Beautiful pictures! Hi, honey! I am Krissy's sister. Nice to meet you =)!! Hugs, Val xox

Martha said...

Beautiful photos, nothing like my town!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful!

Antonette said...

Hi Val! Nice to meet you too!!!

Thanks to all who stopped by and commented!