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Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm so excited!

After six or so years, I finally ordered a new computer. I built my own dell computer ( of course with Dell's help) and it should be here sometime late March or the very beginning of April. And I also ordered a brand new printer/scanner because the printer I have now is at least ten years old and although it's a very good color printer, it's extremely slow.

Hubby was not particularly thrilled that I purchased a new computer, but I told him a happy wife means a happy husband. He whines about me spending any kind of money on myself, but he eventually gets over it. I mean I waited over six years to get a computer for pete's sake!

Look below!

My computer or similar to it:


Astaryth said...

w00t!! There's -nothing- cooler than unpacking and setting up a brand new shiny computer!! Congrats!

Angel said...

I am so glad! Good luck to your and your new computer, hope it will bring exceptionally nice moments to you.