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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wild Weather!

We were going to leave for Florida today, but we scratched that plan over a month ago and decided to leave later this week. I am so glad we made that decision, because Mother Nature has really dealt the eastern part of the U.S. some nasty weather.

Here in New Jersey, we had snow showers all day and now it's turned into sleet and freezing rain. The frozen precipitation will turn to all rain after midnight and it will be heavy with potential for flooding.

No big deal right? Well we are driving to Florida because we are taking Gunner with us (our dog) and the weather driving all the way down is going to turn severe tonight and tomorrow. I am a very good driver, but frankly I really do not want to drive in that mess.

My parents tell me that they are in for some severe thunderstorms and that there is already reports of tornadoes in Florida.

The entire system will be exiting off the east coast by later Wednesday, so everything looks fabulous for our drive down to Florida.

Below are several photos I just took. My truck is one giant sheet of ice!

Look at my street!


BillyWarhol said...

Can U make it WARM Here Please!!!


Oh man it is Freezing again tonight*

Why my ancestors didn't Truck on down to Florida or California is beyond me*

pets for sale said...

I know how you feel! I live in Missouri, and we just had our 3rd ice storm in as many weeks. The kids are getting so far behind the school schedules it is not funny.

TorAa said...

Weather conditions like this, we have to di whar the birds do, go to the south. (I was in South Florida in November - from Norway)