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Friday, February 29, 2008

I think I need another vacation

It's been a very up and down couple of weeks to say the least. As you know, we went to Florida to visit my parents as well as to go to the races at Daytona. We drove because we didn't want to leave our dog cooped up in the house.

Gunner (our Chesapeake bay retriever) was a very good boy all the way down and adjusted well to my parent's house. However, my mom made the mistake of letting her bird out and Gunner killed it. UGH! While my mom was burying the bird, I figured I'd better clean up the blood off the carpet as soon as possible. I mistakenly took the bottle of Clorox clean-up instead of the rug cleaner and bleached my parent's beige carpet!!!! So, I spent $200 on a beautiful area rug to cover my mistake up. Needless to say I wanted to just pack up and leave, but my mother begged me not to.

Our vacation went by quickly as it always does and we left Monday morning. We stopped in North Carolina Monday night to get some food and sleep and then would drive the rest of the way to NJ on Tuesday.

Well during dinner, my husband got a call that his mother was rushed to the hospital after she experienced an incredibly painful headache. We were 7 hours away and couldn't be there with her in the hospital. The hospital transferred her to Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia when Doctors were concerned about a spot on her brain that showed up in her CAT scan.

Nobody slept. Joey's youngest brother and only sister along with his father were there with my mother-in-law and Joey's oldest brother was driving down from New York as soon as my husband called him.

We finally made it home to New Jersey and dropped off Gunner and our luggage then we drove an hour to the hospital. It's been touch and go for a day or two but she has been improving greatly every day.

Today, she ate, talked on her cell phone and has been standing up and taking a few steps with the help of nurses. She doesn't seem to have any memory loss and her speech is fine. She is not out of the woods yet, but I'm more than optimistic that she will recover fully.

So, if you don't hear from me on a regular basis, you'll know why. After all this I'll be needing another vacation.


Charles said...

Glad that your mother-in-law is alright.

Everyone has those moments, so don't let what happen get ya down or anything.