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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Saturday Six

1. How well do you feel that you know your inner self?
2. Take one more quiz: How does your intrapersonal intelligence rate?
3. How much do you trust your own instincts?
4. Do you find that you are good or bad at giving people advice?
5. If you had to go back in time and start over, erasing a certain period of time in favor of a “do-over,” would you want to go back 20 years, 10 years, 5 years or 1 year?
6. After selecting the answer above, you were suddenly informed that the “do-over” was not mandatory, after all, would you still do it?

My Answers:
1. Very Well.
Your Intrapersonal Intelligence Score: 75%

Your Intrapersonal Intelligence is High

You have a great understanding of who you are, and your place in the world.
You know what path you're on. And you are excited about your future.
You're always deepening your inner knowledge and introspection. And enjoying it every step of the way.

3. Sometimes my heart gets in the way of my gut, but I trust my instincts.
4. I think I'm fairly good.
5. 20 years. I made some decisions/mistakes that I am not proud of.
6. Yep...most definitely.

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Angelika said...

I think my lack of heart sometimes gets in the way of my instinct, LOL.

My answers are here.

ma24179 said...

Hey, I would love to become a regular reader, that is if you wouldn't mind. My question is, how do I get alerts in this blog for when you post entries? You can e-mail me if you like ma24179@aol.com

Antonette said...

Subscribe to my feed. Just click on that and follow the instructions and you're all set.

Thank You!