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Monday, December 03, 2007

Tag I'm It

Tis the season to be tagged yet again!

My blog was tagged by The Dog Log to list 7 things that annoy your pet and link to them in the post, then list and link to 7 more bloggers to do the same, So, pass this on to 7 more bloggers and notify them by leaving a comment on their blog.

I don't know who wants to play along, so if you want to join in, please feel free to do so.


1. Gunshots
2. Thunder
3. Fireworks
4. Hand clapping
5. Men
6. Anyone coming to my truck while both of us are sitting in it.
7. The cat


1. The Dog
2. Doorbell
3. People (except for a very select few)
4. A slightly dirty litter pan.
5. The Vacuum
6. Other cats
7. Not being fed when she wants to eat.