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Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Morning Question

If you had to be one of the following, for 8 hours a day, during the week before Christmas, which would you choose? You cannot say none of these. Please choose one of the following employments to earn extra cash before Christmas:

1. Santa in a department store (kids sit on your lap)

2. elf who leads the children up to Santa

3. gift wrapper

4. cashier in the busiest part of the department store

5. Salvation Army bell ringer outside of a snowy store

My Answer: The elf, hands down. I don't want to be a Santa, I'm not the best wrapper, been there done that with the cashier, and I do not want to stand outside freezing my butt off ringing a bell for hours on end hoping that I don't get robbed.

The elf is fine with me.



Krissy said...

Great minds think alike!