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Monday, November 26, 2007

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Light Effects

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Show us light in a surprising way. Long exposures, interesting reflections, the play between light and shadow -- anything that calls attention to the light itself. This is very open-ended, so I'm curious to see what you all will come up with. To join in on the photo shoot fun, go to John's journal here.

Here's mine:

Rain clouds and a sunset mix together to make for beautiful photos. Click the picture to enlarge. I am still trying to figure out my new camera, so please forgive the lack of quality.


Greg Kiser said...

I really like the ominus look of the clouds mixed with the patch of color. Great entry!


Julie said...

Very broody. I like it!


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful pics. I love the snowflakes on the page too...very cool.