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Friday, November 02, 2007

Feline Friday

Ok, this is the family of cats I was telling you about in last week's feline friday entry. Mom is all the way to the right, the other four are her kittens and dad is somewhere close by. Cute aren't they?

All you have to do to play along with Feline Friday is update your Journal/Blog with a feline update. Show off your cat in pictures or share a cat tale! You can post your cat story in comments if you'd like. Leave a link back to your Journal/Blog in (sometimes)photoblog's Feline Friday comments.



Tracey said...

Now since it's been a long time and I am trying to get back into my blog again. Did you rescue this adorable family? It's going to take me a month of Sunday's to catch up here:)

Antonette said...

This family is at my in-laws place. The male and female just showed up at their place and stayed. Now they have kittens and seem to be very happy. My in laws feed them.