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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Weekend Assignment #180: Build a Bumper Sticker

Weekend Assignment #180: Go to this bumper sticker generator, and create a bumper sticker. Then post it in your journal. The generator page gives you a number of options to play with, so you should be able to have fun with it. Naturally, keep it reasonably clean; I have to link to it, after all.

Extra Credit: How many bumper stickers does your car have in real life? NONE, I am not a fan of bumper stickers.

Want to play along? Go to John Scalzi's blog here.

Here's mine, and yes I am addicted to Pogo:


Charles said...


I haven't been to Scalzi's journal in so long. I was thinking about playing Pogo cause one of my friends from work was, but I couldn't figure out how to sign up.

Neurotic Mom said...

I am so addicted to playing pogo..... dang badges

Antonette said...

I hear ya mom...terrible isn't it? I'm under Antonette1971 on Pogo if you ever want to look me up.

Neurotic Mom said...

Ok i got ya added and i'll watch for ya.

Antonette said...

Are you under neurotic mom? You can send me a msg via pogo if you rather keep that private.