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Friday, August 10, 2007

Weekend Assignment #178: Cool Places

Weekend Assignment #178: It's hot. Everywhere. Really hot. Counteract it with a cool and refreshing photo or story of winter. Yes, we've done something like this before. And, if you recall, it worked. Also, it's easy and it's too hot to do anything complicated. So let's do it again (just, you know, don't reuse stuff that you've already posted along this line before).

To join in on the fun go to John Scalzi's blog here

Extra Credit: Would you rather be too hot or too cold? Me? I'd rather have it too cold. I'm not a fan of the heat.

It's a cool 63 degrees here in NJ. Cold front came thru but it's not going to last long at all.

Pics below:


boliyou said...

Ahhh....cool and refreshing!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Lovely photos and you know, I think I feel cooler!

Oh wait, the A/C kicked on...