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Saturday, June 30, 2007

You'll Love This..

...however, I wasn't too happy to say the least.

Took Gunner out to a man made pond today. I figured the dirt that is piled up around the pond would be ok to walk on since it's been more than a day since it rained. Uh no. While Gunner was having himself a blast fetching his ball in the water, I was sinking wherever I walked around the edge of the pond and finally I sank so much that I lost my flip flop briefly in the mud. As I was trying to get up the banking, I fell not once but twice. I was covered in mud, however Gunner was wondering why I wasn't throwing his ball. Oh and to add insult to injury, every time Gunner would get out of the water, he would shake his entire body as close to me as possible. This splattered more mud and water all over me.

Covered in mud from head to toe, I finally got Gunner and myself to my truck without any major issues. I toweled Gunner off as best I could and put the other towel on my car seat so not too get mud on the upholstery. Well, it didn't matter because evidently, I had more mud on me than I thought and got mud on my seat anyway. Gunner who wasn't exactly mud-free decided he would shake any remaining mud and water off of himself in the back of my Explorer. Now, I don't only have mud and dirt on my seat and floor, but we now have mud on the sides, roof, floor, windows and the rest of the seats and back of my truck. Oh did I mention I also got mud in my digital camera?

I spent over an hour cleaning the dog, my truck, my camera and myself. I'm still trying to figure out how I got dirt in my teeth! Below is a photo I took before I bit the dust...or umm, mud.


Astaryth said...

Oh Man.... well at least the DOG had fun. Poor thing! I hope you found (and cleaned) all of the mud.

Iven said...

Isn't life fun!! I'm glad you did find this so horrible an experience that you would choice not to share it.

A picture of you covered in mud might have added a little to it IMO.

Cattiva said...

Too bad the dog can't take pictures of you - I'm sure it would have been a classic!