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Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Saturday Six

1. Have you ever talked to your doctor about stress levels in your life?

2. How likely are you to “let go” of something that stresses you out?

3. Does your family or your work cause the most stress in your life? Do you think your family members or co-workers realize how much stress they generate?

4. Take the quiz: Will You Live to 100?

5. When you think that you are at the breaking point, are you more likely to have an angry blow-up, a self-contained meltdown, or something in between? When was the last time you had such a moment?

6. When you’re stressed out, what is the first clue someone who knows you well is likely to pick up on?

My Answers:

1. Yes I have and I too, am not ashamed of that.
2. I have a bad habit of holding everything in.
3. Neither. It used to be work, but I no longer work because of medical issues.
Chance You'll Live to 100: 57%

You've got a decent chance of living to 100, especially if you're still fairly young.
You take pretty good care of yourself, but you could always do better.
Get enough sleep and relax. Life isn't a race. The slower you go... the further you'll get.

5. I've done both, but as I said in an earlier answer, I often hold a lot in. As for the second part of the question, I am on medication, so I really haven't had a meltdown in a month or so.
6. I'm quiet and a little moody.

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