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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hmmm, Interesting

What type of spirit do you have?

Your spirit is calm, welcoming...and downright scary when angry. Just like the ocean!Your spirit prefers to stay away from conflict and arguments, but dont get me wrong you wont backdown from a fight. You are welcoming, calm and open to just about anyone, you have power of others that no one truly realizes. Your calm nature puts out some people, and you can be minipulative at times. You hold grudges and dont tend to let go of them easily. You see memories as all you have in life, and you dont intend of letting them go because they arent particuraly pleasant. Now like I said you are a go with the flow type of person, but look out when you get angry. All hell breaks loose when you are angry or sad, everyone and everything will feel it and KNOW it. You tend to destroy anything in your path when in a bad mood, causing everyone to want to run away and cower in a corner.Your spirit is one of a negotiator or delegit because of your calm and welcoming attitude.
Color: Blue
What you are made out of: Water
Animal: Cougar.
You are a special person, a great negotiator and calm personality!

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