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Monday, January 22, 2007

Your Monday Photo Shoot: What a Mess!

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of a real mess. Messy rooms, trash cans knocked over by raccoons, kids playing the dirt, pets tracking in mud -- anything that makes you go "My God! This mess burns my very retinas!" is what I want you to take a picture of.

Thank God this is not at our home. This is at Joey's parent's house. Joey has a firewood business so logs, wood chips and that sort of stuff are all over the place. So what you say? Well see the old beat up truck in the background? That's just one of the few junk vehicles strewn about the property along with a pile of metal that needs to be junked.

Joey's father is a hoarder. You should see the three car garage that is filled to the top with crap. Only one vehicle can park in the garage by the way, and it's a SUV that has seen better days.

P.S. My husband doesn't cut down any tree he can find. He gets his wood from Tree service companies, logging sites or from people who ask my husband to cut down trees for them.

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new illuminati said...

Aren't you a little more concerned about the GIANT TREE CORPSE like an elephant in the loungeroom?
How can we save the planet when OLD trees are being killed by mayfly humans?

Antonette said...

My husband did NOT cut down that tree. A tree service company did and he got the logs from them.

Next time please ask for more information before you start accusing people.