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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Warning: Major Ranting Below

Ok, our local news station's big story is the so called winter storm that is in our area. Let me give you the forecast and see if you roll your eyes like I did:

1. Snow showers periodically throughout the night.
2. A possibility of some freezing rain (briefly may I add).

Oh my gosh, let's all run to the grocery stores and get milk, bread and bottled water! We are going to get snowed in for days!!!

Oh please.

My definition of a winter storm is at least 6 inches of snow, 30-40 mph. winds and drifts that could reach 10 feet. NOT a snow shower and some rain.

I'll update you all tomorrow on how long it took me to get out my front door of my house.

Eye roll.

Oh and no offense to Patriot fans, but they deserved to lose after they gave up that many points to the Colts. They (Patriots) should be ashamed of themselves.

Ok, I'm done ranting...for now. LOL!


Dana said...

The weathermen do the same thing here in Chicago. You'd think that being so used to snow, they'd not be so doom-driven.

Stay warm!

amy said...

First time here..Browsing Thursday 13ers..Great post..I laughed..Its the same here in Atlanta

colleen m said...

Clearly a slow news day. :::rolls eyes::::

I have no idea what our forecast is -- quite possibly the same -- even though not a storm - still yucky.

Kay said...

Uh, found u through Blog Mad. We got 6 plus inches over night and it kept snowing. Then with the wind it started piling up.

I usually ignore the "We're in for the big storm guys" weather report.

Boy was I wrong this time. I'll have to post some pix of the snow piles everywhere!!!

Kansas doesn't usually see THIS MUCH SNOW in one storm. And we have over 2 inches of ice underneath that never melted off.


Nice blog...by the way.



eastcoastlife said...

Hi lovely Antonette!
It is a rare sight for us Singaporeans living in the Tropics to see snow. I can't image what 6 inches of snow is like.

Keep warm and keep blogging!

Love from sunny island Singapore

Antonette said...

Thank you all for your comments and a warm welcome to new visitors.

Take Care!