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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Update On Mia Rose

I don't know who reads my blog on a consistent basis, but a couple of weeks ago I explained what had been happening in my life as well as my best friend's baby, Mia.

Christie finally called me and let me now that Mia will be coming home early next week. There is nothing more the doctor's can do for her so they are sending her home.

Mia can't swallow so she is hooked up to a feeding tube. She also has a trachea tube. She can't move her limbs voluntarily. Her brain didn't develop completely so motor skills are basically non-existent. We don't know how long Mia will live. She may live for many years or maybe just a few months. I didn't want to discuss that with Christie.

I will be visiting Mia when she comes home next week. I was warned by Christie that it may be a hard thing to see. A few of her family members didn't do so well when they visited Mia in the hospital.

Please keep Philip (the dad), Christie (the mom), Jacob (2 yr old son) and Mia in your thoughts.



Anonymous said...

That is really, really sad. I will be keeping Baby Mia in my prayers. She won't be able to move but she will be able to think???

Astaryth said...

Holding Mia and her family in my thoughts... So sorry.

Antonette said...

Butterfly: That is unknown at this time.

colleen m said...

(((( hugs)))) I am glad she is able to come home. I will keep her in my prayers. Having suffered my own baby loss I would not want any one to ever ever ever have to go through that. God can and does grant miracles. I am praying for one for Mia Rose.

I am glad you are going to see her -- it will probably mean a lot to your friend.

skincareteacher.com said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Mia and her family. I have gone to see babies in the hospital that were in rough shape and there's nothing that prepares you for it.