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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Template Change

All decorated for the holiday season! Don't worry my other template will return afterwards.

I hope everyone that celebrated Thanksgiving had a wonderful one.


eastcoastlife said...

WOW!!! How do you do this? It's beautiful!
Best wishes.

Antonette said...

I didn't. Someone else did.

Neurotic Mom said...

I love it

Trée said...

Love those falling snowflakes. And that Santa, mmm, might have to volunteer to serve this year. :-D

RevJim said...

I like it! Very good work.

RockDog said...


Stumbled into your blog from BlogDumps.com...

Cooooooool layout! What could be better than santa holding a beer AND an attractive Elven helper! Now that's a merry christmas!

Rock ON!