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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I don't believe it...

My face is on 25 peeps. I never thought that my mug would show up on there. I was just fooling around one day and added my photo and blog link to that site and forgot about it. I received this e-mail today:

Your peep (linking to http://jottingsfromjersey.blogspot.com) is now being listed on 25peeps.com. Now let's see how long it will stay up!

You can increase your peep's popularity by refering users to 25peeps.com. Your peep's unique referal URL is http://www.25peeps.com/r/2262. Place a link to it on your weblog, journal, homepage, whatever. Every time someone finds his way to 25peeps.com through your referal link, your peep will gain a little bit in popularity. You can use the following HTML snippet:

Important: referal clicks are only counted towards your peep's life while it's listed on the front page!

Now, with enough clicks and referals, your peep could stay right at the top for a very, very long time! Think of all the traffic, zomg!

Good luck!

I can't believe my 35 year old face is on a page with boobs, butts, and belly buttons. So, if you feel like it, click on the url above to keep my ugly and old mugshot on the front page. LOL!


Astaryth said...

Hey, I clicked... anything to help you out with your very own 15 minutes of internet fame LOL!

Astaryth said...

Ok,here are the stats:

Popularity index:15 (22%)
Entered: about 10 hours ago
21 clicks, 2 referals

Just in case you were curious LOL

Amy said...

pfft. You're gorgeous and ya know it! :-P I clicked too!

erm...some of the other pictures frighten me though...LOL

Mr. Fabulous said...

You have got a wonderful mug! And I be clickin'!

Boobs, butts, and belly buttons--I love it!

Anonymous said...

Well...you have a cute 35 yearold face..so there!

ANO said...

I knew that was you! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I gotta figure out this 25peeps thing, it baffles me.

Antonette said...

It seems like it's geared more to teens. But hey, I figured why not.