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Friday, October 20, 2006

Shut Off The Music Or Else!

I'm going to keep this brief because I'm not a happy camper.

Some little annoying person decided to comment on my blog and put me on some stupid list for blogs who have music on them. My blog is considered "annoying" according to this person and I am now on the scary "offenders list". Then, the so called "messenger" had the audacity to reprimand me for writing about the way I feel about my BE experience on MY blog. Some people are just miserable and get great joy in making people feel bad. Pfft!

I just making a point that there was a personality contest on that site and if you aren't apart of it, your bid is denied. And I know of many others that feel the same way as I.

If this person took the time to view my blog, he/she would have noticed that there is a control panel to shut the music off. So, if the music annoys you that much scroll down and click on the stop button and turn the effin music off! OMG, it won't offend me if you press stop. And besides I thought it would tie the whole Halloween theme together. Guess some just don't care for my way of thinking. ::shrugs::

The last thing I need right now is this. I have had three people in my life die in the last three weeks. We are burying the third Friday afternoon. I do not need someone with a bug up their ass about blogs with music on them to piss me off. I am so not in the mood for this and trust me, I am trying to be very polite about it too. You are lucky I took my meds, that's all I have to say.

Edit: Now if you wish to hear the Halloween Theme you have to click on the play arrow to listen to it. Now, I hope everyone is happy and I hope the one that had a bug up his or her butt, is completely satisfied. (insert many expletives here)


Amy said...

What the hell? Gyahh...it's YOUR journal, man.... some people... Let me finish...some people....are too dense to see the little X in the top right corner. ::insert eyerolls at your leisure, yes?::

Of course, you know I got your back....who do I need to do some voodoo on?! ;-D

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to throw in a dissenting opinion but auto-play music is annoying. Most people who like music have their own playing and when you hit a blog with auto-play music they drown each other out. But it is your blog and you have the right to throw whatever you want in it.

Antonette said...

Thanks Mike and Amy. I have altered the music just so I don't have to deal with anymore "offenders lists". It's done and over with.

Thanks Mike for stopping by, even though it was right in the middle of a bitch and moan moment.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh....everyone has the right to a bitch and moan moment. I was hoping my comment wouldn't have been thought of as offensive.


at one time I used to play auto-play music on my blog as well until a few people pointed out the interference it was to their music.

Have a super weekend!

Antonette said...

Nope you did not offend me at all. As you are well aware, if I am offended I will definitely let you know! LOL

Take Care!