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Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Saturday Six

Here are this week's "Saturday Six" questions. Either answer the questions in a comment here, or put the answers in an entry on your journal...but either way, leave a link to your journal so that everyone else can visit!

1. Take the quiz:
How much sloth do you have?

2. Take the quiz:
How much wrath do you have?

3. Take the quiz:
How much lust do you have?

4. Take the quiz:
How much envy do you have?

5. Take the quiz:
How much pride do you have?

6. Of these five sins, which quiz's response seemed most different from your real personality?

My Answers:
Your Sloth Quotient: 39%

You're a little lazy, but normally you're a very energetic and motivated person.
Don't beat yourself up over a little laziness every now and then. You do need your downtime!

Your Wrath Quotient: 45%

Ouch! You've got a bit of a temper going on there, don't you?
Just make sure to keep your revenge fantasies just that... fantasies only!

Your Lust Quotient: 53%

You are definitely a lustful person, but you do a good job of hiding it.
Your friends would be surprised to know that your secretly very wild!

Your Envy Quotient: 40%

You are an occasionally envious person, but jealousy doesn't usually get the better of you.
You're wise enough to know that envy feels horrible - and does nothing to improve your life.
A little jealousy is normal: so go ahead and let yourself feel it. But don't let it bum you out!

Your Pride Quotient: 32%

You're a little prideful, but nothing out of the norm.
Like everyone, you enjoy attention. But you're also good at sharing the spotlight!

6. Actually all the quizes are dead on in my opinion.


Mr. Fabulous said...

Sloth 38%
Wrath 68%
Lust 64%
Envy 14%
Pride 38%

Hmm...wrath seems a little high.

Or does it?