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Friday, October 27, 2006

Feline Friday

All you have to do to play along with Feline Friday is update your Journal/Blog with a feline update. Show off your cat in pictures or share a cat tale! You can post your cat story in comments if you'd like. Leave a link back to your Journal/Blog in (sometimes)photoblog's Feline Friday comments. If you would like to guest host a Friday just post in comments!



Charles said...

Now you have me wondering, if Steven is going on another "bloggy break". LOL

I have to go look.

My blog was down too. Funny thing is that Blogger Beta was working perfectly.

Steven said...

I update, or try to update, around 9'ish in the evening! Sometimes sooner, sometimes later :-)

I've included you with tonight's Feline Friday. I try to keep FF very relaxed with no firm deadlines for links. It's about the cats and as we all know cats keep their own time! Great looking cat! What's his/her name? :-)

Antonette said...


TropicRedbird said...

Very pretty cat, she looks like she is being shy (did you disturb her?) LOL.

~ Valorie

Charles said...

BlogMad hit and vote.