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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Yep so long to Blog Explosion! I have decided to delete my blog from Blog Explosion once and for all.

Actually, I have to let my credits run out and then I'll delete it.

My entire stay at Blog Explosion has been miserable with the exception of a few bloggers that I got to know thru BE.

So, to some of those people who denied my bid...you all can bite me. To those who accepted my bid as well as those who took the time to visit my blog, I want to thank you very much.

Blog Explosion is nothing but a popularity contest and I am so happy to be rid of it. I feel that Blogmad has the nicest blog readers and have nothing but positive results from there. I am so happy that people on Blogmad read more than the first few lines of a blog entry and take the time to comment. It's a beautiful thing.

Good Bye BE!


Astaryth said...

When I first saw the post title I was afraid you were leaving us... I am sooo glad this isn't so! I would miss you!!! I've never gotten involved in any of those Blog Explosion or other 'find readers' programs. I don't usually have much to say and the few people who want to read that little bit seem to find me just fine on their own {LOL}

Again, glad you aren't leaving us!

Anonymous said...

I never joined BE because of how many people have complaints about that site. Personally I like Blogmad.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Well, heck, I am sorry you didn't have a good experience.

Of course, I'll be here no matter what. Cause we're tight and all that :)

Raivyn said...

You're right, BE really is just a popularity contest.. and the surf ratio sucks too. I'm sticking it out though because I like the "Rent My Blog" thing.

Mindless Dribbler said...

Seems BE is too slow and loaded down with crap....

I like BlogMad a lot better...that's how I got here as a matter of fact.

Antonette said...

Yes I like blogmad and I've been absolutely thrilled with the traffic I've gotten. Also, the bloggers seem a lot nicer.

Mr Fab - don't you leave me dammit! LOL!

Thank you all for stopping by!

Breigh said...

You've been submitted to BAM! Offenders

Antonette said...

breigh...go take a chill. I only have my music up for a halloween theme. Geesh go take a midol.

Breigh said...

This from the chick who just made a post to cry because she rejected on BE.

How very 'I'm taking my ball and going home' of you :P

I was just letting you know you were submitted, don't shoot the messenger. There's a very easy way to get off the list. If you choose not to, then.. deal.

Antonette said...

Listen chick, I blog about what I feel. If you do not care for my blog then I suggest that you not read it.

I do not like BE and I expressed the reasons why on MY BLOG. MY BLOG! Not yours. So honey...deal!

Antonette said...

Sorry everyone, didn't mean to have a arguement in the comment section. I just got really offended by the "messenger" and I probably took it too personally. I have a habit of doing that. I just want my blog to be enjoyable not annoying.

Anonymous said...

I am leaving BE also, they didn't approve my blog because I hadn't posted recently enough to suit them. It had been a whole five days! Well, sorry, I have a life outside the internet and I would rather post one good poem occasionally than a crappy one every day!

Unhinged said...

A! You've forgotten the cardinal rules of blogging electronically. (We all do, even me, occasionally.)

1. Blog for YOURSELF and ONLY yourself.

2. Know WHY you are blogging electronically (and it shouldn't be because you're hoping to win a popularity contest)

3. Let none of the electronic anonymous dictate who you are or aren't. Anonymous opinions should not break, make or shame you and nor should their atta girls or censure.

... and because I can't stress this enough:

4. Blog for YOURSELF and ONLY yourself. Anything over and above that (comments, linkage, friendship) is just icing on the cake.

Cat said...

jillbeth I do the approvals at BE and I know that I always check for a post at least 10 days.

The only 5 day rule is for new bloggers and that's only so they have some content to surf. If you have content, you won't be denied. It's only fair for the surfers.

I don't feel BE is a popularity contest and I don't say that just because I work there. When I didn't work there I spent time there and got to know the community. Sometimes it just takes time.

I agree about the blog for yourself rule. I do that even while enjoying chats and surfing.