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Monday, September 18, 2006

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Color Opposites

This week's photo shoot will be a study in opposites:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Post a picture that focuses on the contrast between two opposing colors. What colors are opposites? Green and red are opposites, as are blue and yellow, and orange and purple. So a picture that has something purple in front of something orange would work, or a picture that features blue and yellow in alternating stripes. The subject of the pictures could be anything you like -- but there have to be opposing colors in there.

Here's mine:

P.S. The flag basket does face the correct way when viewing it from our street. I took this picture from the opposite side, that is why it appears backwards.


MariesImages said...

Very nice, love country settings!

Antonette said...

Thank you. Oh by the way, this is looking from my porch. When you look at the flag while driving down the street, the flag basket is facing the correct direction. I just wanted to make that clear just in case anyone questions it.

Jay said...

You're probably the only one who would notice that it's backwards in the picture!