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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wordless Wednesday


Tricia said...

Great shot! I haven't seen the ducks and geeze flying in formation yet this year but I'm sure they are practicing somewhere. Ours tend to not leave the area, they hang around all year even though it gets cold here.

Kailani said...

I've never seem them in formation in person before. That is very cool!


Pretty cool shot. Birds in migration. I wonder where to?
Mine's up now.

celebrating life and family said...

Guess that means that it is going to be cold soon. Once those geese start flying away winter is around the corner:P Mine's up.

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh....cold weather coming soon.
In Colorado, we had tons and tons of "Canadian Geese" and I'd love to see them flying high in the deep blue skies of autumn!!

This is a great duo of beautiful pics for today.

My W W is posted

Beckie said...

We have them around here too. We're in VA and I would think it's too far south. Great pics.

My WW is up at http://beckie-photoblog.blogspot.com/

Amydeanne said...

the Canadian (geese) are invading? lol cool shot!

MysteriousLady said...

Bet I know where they are going!

Happy WEd.

The Foo said...

Nice pics!

Also, just wanted to welcome you as my Tenant of the week ... at The Foo Logs Cabin. I did say you might serve them a coffee or two when they are here visiting from there. Have a good weekend :-)