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Friday, August 04, 2006

Weekend Assignment #123: Dog v. Cats

Weekend Assignment #123: Dogs. Cats. There can be only one!
Choose which you prefer and tell us why. No weaseling out, people -- you can't say "oh, I like them both." You must choose! Don't worry: In real life all the cats or dogs won't disappear if you choose the other species. Honestly, as long as you keep to food coming, everything will be groovy with your pets. So pick one, already. We promise we won't tell. And pets can't read.

Extra credit: Isn't it obvious? Cat pictures! Dog pictures! Go nuts!

I am a huge animal lover. I will do practically anything for a animal, so this assignment is right up my alley.

We've always had pets since I can remember. While growing up, our house was always had some sort of animal running around. We've had dogs, cats, fish, a canary, a hamster, a box turtle and horses, so I experienced a lot of human/animal interaction and still do today.

Although I thought Ginger (our Rottie) was the perfect dog and loved her to pieces, I have to say, cats are #1 in my book. I think its because of their independence, their personality, and their exotic looks that draws me to them.



Ginger (1994-2006)


Peter Porcupine said...


Charles said...

We have cats, because someone in our family is scared of dogs.

I am so wanting a dog.

Antonette said...

I love cats. Hey Charles, why in the heck don't you have air conditioning? Holy crap you must have been hot these past few days.

Lori said...

I am very much a cat person. Loved the pictures of your cats (and the dog too, actually). I like cats because they are mellow and independent and easy to take care of. Mine are sweet and cuddly, as well.