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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Serious Writer's Block!

I have been in a creative writing rut for weeks now. I also haven't had the desire to sit down at the computer. It's a shame because my tenant isn't getting the visitors that she should be. I take full responsibility and I also apologize.

Blog explosion has pissed me off, so I haven't been doing much on there. Blogmad is great but I don't have the patience to visit a gazillion blogs so I can get some decent amount of credits. I receive a lot of my visitors from Blogmad when I do have credits.

Jen, my current tenant, is doing up a new template for me and I am so excited. I am kind of nervous though, because I believe I drove her nuts about it that she probably wishes she never put in a bid for rental space on my blog!!! I can be so anal retentive sometimes and I'm sure she won't be the first or the last person that I totally annoyed.

As promised, below is a new pic of my newest tattoo. I still don't think the camera does it justice. The colors are more vivid then they appear. Also the fact that it's a picture of a mirror reflection could have a lot to do with it. But at least this is a much clearer photo than the original one.


manoj said...

i am also a serious indian writer with a wish to share my view on various social issues to jump my creativity.
if you are having same view then contact me at my e-mail id .

Brat said...

Oh dear, its ok...not a big deal for me...and i am doing my best to give you a templet i wish would pass your taste for the third time lol...it just taking time for so many reasons but i am working very hard for it...BTW, nice tatoo...

Brat said...

and BTW, your the 5th commenter for Mr. fab so you got a 100 creds from me...just send me your BE username..

Laura said...

nice tat! it's frustrating when the camera doesn't translate well. still it looks great.