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Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Perseid meteor shower

The Perseid meteor shower, an annual celestial event beloved by millions of skywatchers around the world, returns to the night sky this coming week. But moonlight will interfere somewhat with the view.

Sky & Telescope magazine predicts that the Perseid shower will reach its peak late on Friday and Saturday nights, August 11-12 and 12-13 (for viewers in North America). The rate of activity should pick up after midnight until the first light of dawn.

You'll need no equipment but your eyes. The moonlight in the sky will hide the fainter meteors, and so will artificial light pollution, but the brightest meteors should still show through. Read more here.


Astaryth said...

Oh! G. and I are looking forward to this. Since we moved out to the boonies it's been a pain for some things, but for others.... See, there are hardly ANY light out here after dark. One lamp and that's it. We are going to take our lawn chairs {and bug spray LOL}and go in the far back corner and watch these. I can't wait!

Two Write Hands said...

Events like this and Indianapolis' suburban sprawl make me wish I lived in the middle of nowehere.

MsDemmie said...

Did you see them ? did you see them ? ( in a very excited voice )....

We had a fantastic display here in the South west UK and are hoping to catch some more tonight.

Antonette said...

We saw them here in NJ...fantastic viewing!

Charles said...

That explains why I saw a shooting star. I didn't know. Thanx, I was wondering why I saw one.